Free PS Plus Games for November 2021 Are Different in Some Key Ways

Sony has finally revealed the no-cost PlayStation Plus games for November 2021. However, the games for next month’s release vary from those of the past in certain important ways.

One of the biggest benefits of signing up to PlayStation Plus PlayStation Plus service is the possibility of claiming the latest batch of free games each month. Sony has been offering free games with PlayStation Plus for over a decade now, and has created a set of patterns to ensure that fans are aware of what they can be expecting. The situation was shaken after Sony introduced its new PlayStation 5 console last November however, it also brought new patterns.

With the release of PS5, Sony has established new PS Plus patterns. PS Plus subscribers are expected to get the two complimentary PS4 games as well as one free PS5 game. They will also be expecting the next games that are free will be revealed on the final Wednesday of each month. The reality is that Sony did not follow its regular PlayStation Plus patterns in key ways regarding offering games that are free PS Plus games for November 2021, both with regard to the games are available to subscribers as well as the method by which it revealed the games to customers in the first place.

Here are all the major ways that the no-cost PS Plus games for November 2021 differ from the standard.

All the Free PS Plus Games for November 2021

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup is almost there. Knockout City, First Class Trouble, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning available November 2:

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 28, 2021

  • First Class Trouble (PS4/PS5)
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4)
  • Knockout City (PS4/PS5)
  • The Persistence (PSVR)
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PSVR)
  • Until You Fall (PSVR)

One of the primary reasons that PS Plus games for November 2021 are free. One of the main ways that PS Plus games for November 2021 are different from other games is that there’s more than six games offered for subscription-only games. Typically, PS Plus subscribers are offered the two PlayStation 4 games and one PlayStation 5 game, but after the PS Plus games for November 2021 are free PS Plus games for November 2021 are released on November 2nd, Tuesday users can enjoy two games that cross-genreate for PS4 and PS5 as well as one PS4 game as well as three PlayStation VR games.

The game that will be the main focus of PS Plus’s free PS Plus games for November 2021 will be First Class Trouble It’s an all-new release that will be offered as a freebie for PS Plus subscribers on the day of its release. First Class Trouble is the latest spin on the genre of social deduction which will be appealing to fans of games such as “Among Us”. It’s thought to be to be the “PS5” offering for the November 2021 schedule however, its PS4 game will also be accessible for PS Plus subscribers as well.

Another crossover-gen PS Plus game that makes one of the no-cost PS Plus games for November 2021 is Knockout City. Knockout City is an action-packed online game that features players fighting it out in a high-octane version of dodgeball. Knockout City was praised by the majority of players when it was released in January of this year. its inclusion to PS Plus PS Plus lineup should go well to help it gain an even larger audience.

Finally, the no-cost PS4 PS Plus game for November 2021 is Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. A Remastered version of Kingdoms of Amalur, Re-Reckoning comes with some new content coming soon with the help of paid DLC, which should make the experience more enjoyable.

Free PlayStation VR PS Plus Games for November 2021

First Class Trouble, Knockout City First Class Trouble, Knockout City, along with Kingdoms of Amalur Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning represent the classic games that are free PS Plus games that make the lineup for November 2021 However, as mentioned earlier that there’s six games that subscribers can claim in the coming month. These titles are together with three PlayStation VR games that Sony will offer to anyone who wants them for free in order to commemorate this year’s PSVR headset’s five-year anniversary.

Although Sony could have given away any of the old PlayStation VR titles as freebies however, the titles it picked are actually deemed to be pretty good in the world of virtual reality. The Persistence is a good Roguelike with a sci-fi/horror theme, while The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a highly-rated survival game which is set within The Walking Deaduniverse. until You fall The Until You Fall game, on the other hand, is an roguelite hack-and-slash game where players battle to test their endurance to endure.

Each of these three games are great choices for anyone who has an PlayStation VR headset handy. Even though those who do not have PlayStation VR will not be able to fully experience these games It’s worth noting this: The Persistence also offers an option that doesn’t require VR available to PS Plus subscribers to check out if they’d like.

Free PS Plus Games for November 2021 Announcement

The number of games available as well as the inclusion in the number of PlayStation VR titles already help the free PS Plus games for November 2021 stand out from the other months However, there are other reasons why the games for November are unique, too. The method Sony chose to reveal its PS Plus games for free PS Plus games for November 2021 differed from the norm in that the announcement came earlier than anticipated and Sony announced an exclusive PS Plus games in advance.

Sony normally reserves the last Wednesday of each month as the day when it announces the next batch PS Plus games that are free. PS Plus titles, but it didn’t do so with PS Plus games that were free. PS Plus games for November 2021. Instead, Sony used the last Wednesday in October to host the State of Play presentation, which specifically focused on games from third parties that are in development on the PS4 and PlayStation 5. PS4 or PS5. Many expected Sony to announce the PS Plus games lineup for free PS Plus games lineup at the State of Play event, however, it was only able to confirm the existence of First Class Trouble for the service.

The following day on October 28, Thursday, Sony finally revealed the complete PS Plus games lineup for November 2021. Although announcing the gratis PS Plus games on a Thursday isn’t the norm but this isn’t the first time Sony announced the lineup on an alternate date of the month and it’s unlikely to become a regular pattern. In any case it is likely that the PS Plus games that are free PS Plus games for December 2021 are likely to be announced earlier than originally planned.

The last Wednesday in November 2021 will be November 24, however, the first Tuesday in December will be on December 7. So the no-cost PS Plus games for December 2021’s announcement is likely to be announced on the Wednesday, December 1, instead of the Wednesday that ends November, since it is the case that the PlayStation Store doesn’t change with the latest PS Plus games until the first Tuesday of the month.

There’s been some wacky months with the no-cost PS Plus games lineup, however generally speaking, PS Plus subscribers are still able to count on PS Plus game announcements to occur on the third Wednesday of every month.

Free PS5 PS Plus Games for November 2021

The final aspect that makes the no-cost PS Plus games for November 2021 is that it differs from the normal is the fact that there are a variety of native PS5 games available. The majority of PS Plus games that are games that are free PS Plus games for any given month typically include two PS4 games, and the one original PS5 game. However those no-cost PS Plus games for November 2021 include two cross-gen games available as well, with the two games First Class Trouble and Knockout City featuring the native PS5 versions. This means PS5 gamers will have more to look forward this November than they do every month However, don’t anticipate this to become a standard. Sony is likely to stick with its normal pattern of offering one gratis PS5 game and two free PS4 games every month.