How do repair an Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on

If you’re eager to play Super Smash Bros.(tm) Ultimate, nothing can stop you from enjoying it. However, if you notice that your Nintendo Switch isn’t turning on, it’s as if you’ve been told to push “pause” on your fun.

We can identify and resolve any technical issue quickly. In cases ranging from the drift of controllers from controller drift to multiplayer slowdowns Our tech experts can assist. If you’re Nintendo Switch is on the malfunction, here are some simple fixes you can try to make to be back playing.

Why can’t my Nintendo Switch start?

There are many causes why the Nintendo Switch may be having problems starting or turning on. Here are a few of the most frequent causes:

  • A dead battery
  • Console damage
  • A defective cables, power strip or power outlet
  • Software problems

How do I repair an Nintendo Switch that won’t start

Here are a few easy ways to fix the Nintendo Switch running again.


The controller, the Joy-Con(tm)–you use to switch on your Switch could have been unable to power up the battery and isn’t activating your console. If you believe that’s the case, do this:

  1. Unlock your Switch.
  2. Switch it on manually.
  3. Bring it back to dock.


The most frequently asked question “Why won’t my Nintendo Switch start?” is that it’s low or no power source. Put it on the dock and then charging it for minimum 30 minutes prior to restarting it.

In the event that your Switch is charged successfully the green light in the left-hand side part of your dock will show. If the light does not come on, make sure your dock is connected. If it’s plugged in and still there’s no light, you could have a problem with the dock.


If you’re Nintendo Switch still won’t turn on, gently twist the power cable that joins the console. Are the cables loose and shaking? Do you see any melting or burned plastic in the vicinity of the port or power cable? If yes, your console might require replacement.


A damaged or defective cord could be the cause if your Switch will not turn on. Examine it for debris, frayed or exposed wires, bent adapters as well as bent or damaged pins. If you notice any damages, consider buying the purchase of a new cord.

Make sure you use only the Original Nintendo charger to power your Switch. An alternative cord may cause problems with your console.


In the event that your power and console are both in great condition then the outlet or surge protector that you use could be defective. Try connecting your device to an outlet that is different to resolve the problem.


Sometimes, a soft reset can be all you require to make sure that the Nintendo Switch working again.

  1. Hold and press your Power button for 20 seconds.
  2. Press by pressing the button Power. button.
  3. Click the Power button to power up the console.


If the reset you attempted didn’t bring back your Switch Try resetting the AC adapter as well as the soft reset.

  1. Remove the adapter AC from the switch and plug it into the wall socket.
  2. Unplug it for at minimum 30 seconds.
  3. When the AC adapter has been disconnected, press on the button that is the Power button in the upper left corner of the console for 20 seconds.
  4. Hold the Power button once to turn the console on.

General tips to ensure the Nintendo Switch running smoothly

Follow these tips to ensure that the Nintendo Switch working for you:

  • It is important to check regularly for the latest software updates to avoid any problems and keep your Switch in good shape to play.
  • Connect your controllers with your Switch console even when you’re not in use, so that you’ll have them fully charged once in the mood to go play .
  • Keep your Switch off the ground in dry, clean and well-ventilated space.
  • Keep your console clear of any sources of heat or direct sunlight.
  • Cleanse your console frequently by blowing compressed air into or around your power outlet, as well as the openings, slats and vents.
  • Backup all of your Switch information to an external drive once per month to ensure you don’t lose your valuable stats if you need to reset the factory settings of your device later on.